Send up to 500,000 characters and immediately receive a TaskId. GET TaskId to check the status. Optimized for cost savings and longer requests.


Processing Details

  • On average, 800 characters result in 1 minute of audio. In other words, 500,000 characters will result in approximately 10 hours of audio.
  • On average, it takes 1 second per 800 characters. In other words, 500,000 characters will take approximately 10 minutes.


Text Parameter Notes

  • If you POST a string, it'll return a single OutputUri.
  • If you POST a list of strings, OutputUri will be a list of MP3 URLs.
  • For longer texts, we recommend sending a list of strings. This way, instead of waiting for the entire task to be completed to access audio, you can start accessing the first audios in the list. i.e., -.mp3
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